Driving is exciting and adventurous for the learner drivers. Similarly, when you will first learn to drive your own vehicle on the public roads, you must possess a provisional driving license. If anyone wants to drive your vehicle, then you can hire a provisional driver. Provisional drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle along with an accompanied person. Insurance companies impose high premium on the provisional drivers as they are considered to be accident prone. In this article we will delve deeper into the details and the prospects of provisional driver insurance.

Advantages of purchasing car insurance for provisional driver insurance

You can enjoy and avail a number of facilities after purchasing insurance for the provisional drivers. In some of the cases, this type of insurance permits the learners to build up a no-claims discount. After passing through your driving test, it will eventually cut the costs of a standard policy. The insurance will also help you to guard the no-claims discount of the policy.

Also if you add the learner driver’s name as a named driver then it will lead to discounts. Under such circumstances, if the learner driver meets with an accident, one which has taken place in his in parent’s vehicle for instance, then they can demand coverage on the main policy, keeping the no-claim discount unaffected.

Apart from the advantages there are also various steps to minimize the cost of the provisional driver insurance. Check them out they are given below.

Add a named driver – All the insurance policies are issued in the name of the policy holder that has been denoted as the main driver. Thereafter, the main driver can add a list of named drivers who are also insured to drive the vehicle. If a provisional driver’s name is being added as the named drivers, it will minimize the cost of the premium as the responsibilities of the drivers will be shared amongst all.

You should pick the right car – The insurance companies not only take into account the several aspects related to the driver but also give equal importance to the vehicle. The vehicle should possess and adopt all the safety and security measures to avoid any risk factors.

Better to avoid modifications – The owner of the car should avoid any kind of modification in the car interiors to lower the cost of the premium. Spoilers, extra lights and alloy wheels will eventually increase the cost of the premium. Although in some cases, car interiors can save you from paying a huge cost. You can add security-enhancing modifications such as approved alarm, immobilizer or the tracking devices.

Control your mileage and keep it within limits – After passing through the driving test, when you are promoted from a provisional driver to a full licensed driver, you will need driving experience. But do remember one important point, that is more miles you will drive, the higher the risk of accidents and higher the cost of the premium.

Online comparison of the quotes – In order to find the best deal, you should compare the quotes from the various insurers. The different insurance companies will recommend you various policies; but do think before you choose any particular insurance company and don’t forget to read the fine print.